The Port of Hood River is a beautiful tourist destination that is visited by people the world around. And for the permanent population of Hood River, it is a place of recreation and relaxation in our own backyard.

I’m running for the Port Of Hood River Position 5 to keep this area available for all of us. That is why, as you elected Commissioner, I will stand against any development of the area unless it meets three criteria:

1) Is fair to all people who want to use the area, whether it is wake boarders, fishermen, or people just looking for a scenic place to walk,

2) Is environmentally responsible,

3) Has a long term, positive economic impact on the city of Hood River.


The Hood River Bridge allows the community of Hood River and the state of Washington to have a combined economic impact on each other. Every day, hundreds of commuters cross both ways and as a Port of Hood River Commissioner, safety will be my number one goal.

So, on top of insuring the bridge is regularly maintained, as a Commissioner I would like to work with local law enforcement to establish random DUI and drug checkpoints at the tollbooths to stem the tide of drugs entering our city and keeping dangerous drivers off of our streets.

On a lighter note, I think it is time we named the Hood River Bridge after a local historical figure. This would bring a bit of local flavor to one of our most prominent landmarks and also work as a way for both locals and out-of-towners to learn more about our identity as a city.

So please, remember to vote on May 19th for me, Jason Carpenter, to the Port of Hood River Commissioner Board, Position 5. Let’s have a better today, and let’s work towards a brighter tomorrow. Thank you.

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